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July 26th, 2018, the City of New Rochelle held a Scoping Session at the City Hall for the Supplemental Draft Generic Environmental Impact statement (SDGEIS) for the Waterfront District which will study the impacts of developing in this area to inform the new zoning. Scoping is a process that develops a written document (“scope”) which outlines the topics and analyses of potential environmental impacts of an action that will be addressed in a SDGEIS. About 50 people attended the meeting and added suggestions to the already comprehensive list of topics in the scoping document. Please note that formal comments on the scoping can be made by sending on email to sreider@newrochelleny.com by August 10, 2018.  The 11 page Draft Scope can be found here. Also for information on scoping and the time frame of the DGEIS, please refer the following link: What is Scoping?

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Official Public Notice from the City:

State Environmental Quality Review Act | Notice of Public Scoping |July 26, 2018

Notification is hereby given to the public that the New Rochelle City Council, as Lead Agency pursuant to the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) and its implementing regulations thereto at 6 NYCRR 617, has issued a “Positive Declaration” and intends on holding a Public Scoping Session including a written comment period to receive input regarding the scope of work for a Supplemental Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement (Supplemental DGEIS) for the proposed Waterfront Overlay District (DO-7) Form-Based Zoning Code and Zoning Map Amendments.  The Public Scoping Session will be held on July 26, 2018 at 7:00 PM in City Hall Conference Room B-1, 90 Beaufort Place, City of New Rochelle, New York.


The proposed Waterfront Overlay District (DO-7) includes 12 contiguous tax lots totaling 18.81 acres along the City’s Echo Bay shoreline on the southeast side of Main Street, northeast side of Echo Avenue, southwest side of LeFevres Lane and the northwest side of Echo Bay in southeastern New Rochelle. The 12 lots are identified on Westchester County’s Tax Map as Section 1; Block 84; Lots 1, 5, 22, 67, 69, 110 and 120 and Section 1, Block 72, Lots 3, 5, 18, 26 and 30.


The environmental review for this action is for the creation of a Waterfront Overlay District and form-based zoning standards that will guide the redevelopment and revitalization of the waterfront in accordance with a carefully designed well-vetted master developer plan that supports a more vibrant, sustainable and successful waterfront. A theoretical development program that conforms to the proposed zoning has been developed for the review and includes 890± waterfront multifamily residences; a 200 room hotel; 120,000± square feet of retail and dining space; 50,000± square feet of mixed medical and non-medical office space; and 23,000± square feet of community/institutional space associated with the adaptive reuse of the existing Armory Building.  The purpose of the rezoning and future redevelopment is to encourage the above-described mix of land uses, develop appropriate zoning standards for the waterfront to foster quality redevelopment that achieves City goals and objectives; create a continuous public walkway and park along the water’s edge to enhance public access and scenic vistas of the bay; incentivize adaptive reuse of the Armory Building; redevelop the area in a way that protects the environment; and enhance community character and establish a renewed sense of place to the area.


The City Council, as Lead Agency, has classified the proposed action as a “Type I Action,” pursuant to the State Environmental Quality Review Act (“SEQRA”) and based on its review of the Environmental Assessment Form prepared for the action, has determined that one or more moderate or large adverse environmental impacts may result, and therefore issued a “Positive Declaration” pursuant to SEQRA, requiring a Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (“Supplemental GEIS”) be prepared.  The Supplemental GEIS will supplement the analysis contained in the City of New Rochelle Downtown Overlay Zone (“DOZ”) and Zoning Map Amendments GEIS and the 2015 adopted SEQRA Findings Statement, as amended.


The process of determining the scope and content of a Supplemental GEIS is known as “scoping.”  In particular, the scoping process asks agencies and interested parties to provide input on the proposed alternatives, the purpose and need for the project, the proposed topics of evaluation, and potential impacts and mitigation measures to be considered. A Draft Scope of Work (“Scope” or “Scoping Document”) for the Supplemental DGEIS is available for public review and comment at the public locations and website listed below. Written comments relating to the Draft Scope of Work are requested and will be accepted by the contact person listed below until the close of business on Friday August 10, 2018.  In addition, verbal comments will be received at a Public Scoping Session to be held on July 26, 2018 at 7:00 PM in City Hall Conference Room B-1, 90 Beaufort Place, City of New Rochelle, New York.


Following the public scoping process, a Final Scope will be prepared and the Supplemental DGEIS will be prepared in accordance with that Final Scope. When the Supplemental DGEIS is completed and determined adequate for public review by the City Council, the Council will formally accept the document, circulate it to all involved agencies, and make it available for public review at City Hall and on the City’s official website.  Any person or agency interested in receiving a notice and commenting on the Supplemental DGEIS should contact the person listed below.


The Draft Scope can be viewed and downloaded from the following web address:



A hard copy of the Draft Scope is available for viewing at the following locations:


City of New Rochelle Department of Development

515 North Avenue

City of New Rochelle, NY 10801




To submit comments related to the Draft Scope of Work for the Supplemental DGEIS, please send comments to the address below:


City of New Rochelle Department of Development

515 North Avenue

City of New Rochelle, NY 10801

Attn:  Suzanne Reider, Senior Project Manager


Email: sreider@newrochelleny.com



All comments must be submitted electronically (email address) or received via mail by the close of business on Friday August 10, 2018 or they will not be considered for the Final Scope of Work.


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