Community Outreach Meeting | November 29th, 2017

Thanks for the time you spent joining the conversation, engaging in the workshops, sharing your ideas and helping us frame a master plan concept for the New Rochelle Waterfront District. We learned a great deal from many engaging conversations with all of you and we hope we helped you better understand the challenges and opportunities of this unique District. Your thoughts on the uses and public amenities to include across the Waterfront District helped define a program. Your concepts and strategies for building massing and configuration across the site area helped shape a master plan concept.

Below is the presentation of the third community meeting.

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One thought on “Community Outreach Meeting | November 29th, 2017

  1. Good morning.

    May I congratulate you on presenting a plan that contains a lot of thoughtful consideration?

    A few comments:
    First of all, I mentioned the notion to redesign the lower street loop and make it a shared space, where car traffic needs to give way to all other forms of transport. Also, the lower loop should not contain any long-term parking options, at best a drop-off point at the ‘pier.’
    Another question i have: the design of the buildings: what sort of life expectancy of the buildings do you have in mind or are you designing for? 30, 50 or 100 years? (To give a few examples).
    Also, your presentation now incorporated more land than you currently own. Suppose that only your project comes off the ground, what will be the public green space then? Are you making amendments? What about the design innovation? I see at the Marvel architects website some interesting building designs, such as the Church of Nativity in Mexico. In other words, could you come up with a building design concept that is so innovative that people ‘flock’ here, because of its uniqueness?
    And furthermore: I think that with the redevelopment in New Rochelle we miss an overarching design concept. So we end up with pocket developments that are almost incidental and stand alone, that not necessarily fit in the planological concept how we want to develop this city; incorporate historic buildings, build in resilience, look at the infrastructure that can cope with the development, etc. I know that as a developer this is not your scope, but in essence, you did this at least for the waterfront by looking beyond the boundaries of the land you are developing. The parameters for what happens to the development of the surrounding area should be set by the planning department of the city.
    And finally, I do contend that this waterfront development is of such significance, and you have done a sterling job so far of creating opportunities for public input, shall I say, providing for a decent dialogue. Well, city officials should be really at these meetings: The Mayor, Councillors, the Planning Commissioner, and his staff. They shine in absence. Last night there was one person from the planning department was in attendance. I asked her if she was here for ‘pleasure’ or for ‘work’. She admitted she was here for the latter. When she spoke, she did not identify herself…. I raised this issue with the Mayor a couple of weeks ago, and he contended that this was intentional to not to influence the dialogue. I think this is a total cop-out. I also know that within the planning department there are persons who do not like public input. That is wrong. City officials work on behalf of their citizenry, and therefore they should encourage and participate first hand in the discussions about the development of our city. When you plan the next meeting, please encourage better representation from the city and,maybe a start time of 7 would be more conducive.

    Respectfully yours,

    Frank C.Buddingh’ MSc
    Consulting arborist

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