Community Outreach Meeting | October 4th, 2017

Thank you all for attending our second Community Workshop. We appreciate your time, energy and wide range of ideas, suggestions and questions. We learned a great deal and hopefully you have a better understanding of the trade-offs between the cost of community benefits and the density needed to pay for them. Below are the presentations and the results of the planning game.

Group 1

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  • Creates angles for views
  • Highest height at the center of zone B
  • Walking paths throughout
  • Armory becomes a food/performance arts destination
  • Add Central Green to zone C
  • Boutique Hotel on the Water

Group 2

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  • Fair and affordable housing throughout
  • Orient height for views to the water
  • Park connects water and main on Zone C

Group 3

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  • Maintain beauty of the waterfront
  • Not too much retail and restaurants on the water
  • Density towards water treatment plant
  • No projecting piers
  • View corridor at inlet
  • No armory
  • No hotel
  • Tallest on Main St; 8 stories
  • Parking below ground or near the treatment plant
  • Balance height on Main st and the water

Group 4

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  • Higher on Main st down to 2 to 3 stories on the water
  • Parking on Le Fevres Ln.
  • Parking underground for zone B
  • Retail on Pratt and Main, as well as the cross streets
  • Keep armory vault for market
  • Rooftop bars – but watch out for noise
  • So dense — needs a new school

Group 5

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  • Waterfront key for city but seldom viewed
  • How many number of people?
  • More natural waterfront; the “bump” becomes a ecological park
  • View through out the site
  • More affordability/ more rich people to pay
  • 8 stories around main st.

Group 6

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  • Height on zone C to see over Salesian
  • Retail around Main St. with higher height
  • Hotel close to Echo corner
  • Hotel with roof top bar
  • Parking at water treatment plant
  • Pier on the water

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